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Nozo x Kimi 2-Hensei Hen Chapter 1 (20)

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Quite a while after its initial switch to being weekly, here is finally the first chapter. The magazine switch also gave the series a title change in Nozo x Kimi - 2-nensei Hen, and every chapter is listed as # (#). With the magazine switch and the continuation more or less being a sequel, we've also made some font changes.

Starting with the next chapter in this series, we will be jointing with another group on this series, to speed up the releases of this series, and hopefully catch up. A massive thanks to Zack for all the work he's done on this series for us.

Like I had hoped last month, our releases have gone somewhat back to normal, despite several weeks in a row keeping me away from home for work longer than normal. Releases should continue to see a steady growth in numbers, and then a steady stream starting late October once I hit my job's offseason, which is when the bulk of Nozomi chapters will most likely be released.